Twilight of the gods at the Bocca Nuova

The hornitos at SE - crater 6.11.1999

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High altitude impressions in the morning light.

The ascent of the Mt. Etna in  November was dominated again by snow and ice. Althought the good weather condition made it possible to get a clear view inside the active Bocca Nuova. During our ascension we could feel all the times strong tremors. When we arrived at 2:00 a.m. inside the Bocca Nuova the tremors were so hard that we had sometimes difficulties to stay in balance. But the uprising lava shreds about 300 meters made us more and more courios. During an eruption break we stepped more nearer as the hazardous situation allowed, to have an inside view into the glowing bowl and the little vent on the photos.

The Bocca Nuova (3260 m ü NN)


This pictures were made inside the active Bocca Nuova in a distance of  70 meter. The ejecting lava was accompanied with a very loud hissing sound which reminded me straight to a turbine of an big aircraft in comparision. During the night a contra fire came from space, because the meteor stream 'Taurides'  presented its maximum this night. If you can take place to such an archaic spectacle, you will assert that this place is one step nearer to the lap of the gods.


At the Hornitos (East base of South East-crater)


Continious resingning lava made this place to a play ground for grown up people. Here you learn a lot about this hot liquid, which discharged continously out of the ground fissures.




The The place of the origin of art work 'Heidls matress'. The isolation of the matress made it impossible to cool down the bottom surface. For this reason the lava boulders burned into the matress.


A down going lava flow in the western part of Etna cut an important road and destroyed a young forest.


Eruption of the Bocca Nuova

View in the former protection rifugio Torre del Filosofo

The team       

The basement          

Dedicated to our friends BERNHARD BAUER  and GERHARD  NEUMAIER, who died in an snow evelanche on the 28.12.99 in the Ötztal / Sölden


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