Lava bombs

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On this site you can discover some special formed lavabombs. The master of creation is the air, so you can talk about a free aerodynamic design.

The high ejected magma-shreds must leave the bocca very fast to get formed in the colder layers of our atmosphere. Before landing the body must reach the ground solid, not to get destroyed. An important point is also that the flight-object should not carry too much H2O inside, and that the gases have no time to leave the pyroclastic.    

The "lava-esthete UFO" maybe was shot at the feb.15.2000 over 1.5 km into the atmosphere before he landed in my rucksack. Now you can see, that a lot of  facts are important to create this special form. This air- formed-bombs are also very seldom.( More creations are following )                             

For your orientation, the broad of the stone-capital is 22 cm

           ufo1c.JPG (9292 Byte)

Lava esthete  "Ufo", saved in a glowing condition from the nearer coming lavaflow at the SE, 15.2.00

          schneck1c.JPG (5380 Byte)           schneck2c.JPG (11959 Byte)

Ejected lava snail, saved in a glowing condition from the nearer coming lavaflow at the SE, 15.2.00

         urmel2c.JPG (8938 Byte)   urmel1c.JPG (8353 Byte)

Lavabomb " Urmel aus dem Eis" ( 6 kg ), crashed 20 m beside the Refugio Torre d. F. during the eruption from the 15.Feb.2000

        fischc.JPG (15361 Byte)   fisch2c.JPG (19881 Byte)

Lavabomb "ball fish"  6.Nov.1999 from the active Bocca Nuova         

        regenc.JPG (9259 Byte)                    

"Lava eye" at the Hornitos at the SE. 10.11.1999

        augec.JPG (11474 Byte)
              Ash rain 14. feb. 1999


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