Fuoco dell' Etna, 12.- 20. Juni


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The eruption in the night of 12/13 June 2001

This eruption began at 23.20 pm and ended mainly at 5.30 am. It was the fourth since the 7th of June and was observed  from the east slopes of the northern part of the NE- crater. My observation point was 600 m situated from the SE-cone ( 3100 m osl ). The average of the lava fontains were 400m - 500m. Particular highjets were reaching up to 700 m in the sky. 



In this case my position  was relative safe, but the SE-cone can throw out lavabombs in a distance more than 1000 m and you will have no shelter like at the Refugio Torre del Filosofo.

Never stay at the Voragine or on the Bocca Nuova during an event !!!

Alternative and very delightfull observation points in the northern area of Mt. Etna is the Pizzi Deneri near the observatory ( 2,5 km distance ). The Monte Zoccolaro ( 6 km distance, east )  is a good position to see and hear enough detailed ongoings !! 


Above you can see the inferno which was escalating during 3.00am to 4.00 am. The lava streams had the length of 2 km. In the middle you see an explosion which ranged in western direction and bombed the whole Bocca Nuova and the Voragine.

Etna grill aperto!

During this activity the heat was increasing at at my 600 m far situated view position like sitting at a campfire. To take this heat developement in comparison I made an experiment  while staying 2 m at a one meter campfire.This was nearly the same effect.Boris Behncke who observed this eruption in  a distance of 6 km at the Fornazzo Mareneve could also feel the radiation heat of this " white   spring "what an energy!


On the 250 mm telelens photos you can see detailed the little SE - dome threwing out a nearly white magma fountain like a spring 200 m high. To get photos like this you need an exposure time of 1/500 sec which let the fountain and the flows appears bright orange. Important to mention is that the middle flow had a speed of currency of apprx. 15 m/sec !!! or maybe faster caused by the incline of more than 100% ! 


Window 1100 Meter  X  700 Meter

The duration of this event is now going on more then six hours. The first day light let now appear the SE-cone in colors which I have never seen before. Together with the loud and explosive activities which tored the air it was a very exciting and memorable point of time. Here I first saw in my live time white compressed air waves expanding centrical from the vent caused by the strong explosions.



Quiet earth


Enjoying the silent light games of the sunrise after this spectacular night. 

"Tutto rosso"

The night of the 19th to 20th June,   Map

At 20.00 pm I was looking from our campground  to check the summit. During the last three days the weather condition changed and and the summit was the most time in clouds.  But what a surprise, through the mist a big lavaflow ( 400 m ) was shining very weak from the Levantino. Hurry, hurry together with Ingo, Anne Seidemann and Eric Paluch from  Germany I decided to take the Monte Zoccolaro for our observations.


Left photo shows a lava-gas candle which height reached apprx. 500 m-600 m. According to the informations from Boris Behnckes Update, the highest shot up reached the majestic height of 900 m.00:00 huge bombs of still plastic consistence are crashing and slipping down the cone. On the right photo you see a over 100 m long  lightning trace of a smashed bomb. This thrown out body must have measurements like a little house.The lava ejections were forced up to 300 m.

A little satellite Levantino on the left of the main Levantino.


The SE-cone looking like a turtle covered with thousands of pyroclasts. The ashrain started and after 10 minutes everyone had a 30 cm ash cone on his head. Really!

00:30: The final detonation was the loudest and  was escorted by a white airwave out from the SE - cone. After 20 sec the noise was passing over us and together with the ash covered forest we got a sonic head cleaning!

Bye, bye !!!



Further events  from 4th June to 20th June 01



4-6. June At the lava flows of the SEC
7.-9. June New eruption phase at SEC
10-20. June

Fuoco dell' Etna  & "Tutto rosso"


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