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In the western direction moving ash cloud. The far situated airport in Palermo was closed for one day

In the NW direction the nearly endless deep black ash cloud was laying depressing over us while touching the horizon. Lapilli was falling amass but in a very small stripe the sun tried successfully to stage an not forgettable sunset. May this photo should carry the name, ’hope!’  


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It’s getting dark and the compact lava fontains appeared more and more red. The Etna show was reaching the first awesome peak. The uprising red glowing lava-ash and lapilli main jets reached the height of 500m – 700m and were melting together with the bright illuminated city of Catania in the far distance. The position of the rifugio was 350-400m NE from the big bowl.(The sound-wave needed a little bit more then one second)




For us the dream of observing Mt.Etna in this position has gone fulfilled. Like being in a fairy tale a never seen land with unknown dimensions and colours was now laying down to our feeds. But it was not a fairytale it was not a dream anymore, it was the reality with its boundless beauty.



Nearly the same situation and erupting behaviour was the origin of the Cono de Laghetto fourteen month ago which is now the northern twin crater of the Montagniola summit with an altitude of 2670 meters. Got injured at the ankle it was not possible in July 2001 to reach the Td’F and observe the new cone in the first steps of its development. Half disappointed I left Mt. Etna at this time without knowing to get at least a second chance to observe such a spectacle from this place. So I felt very lucky at this time


Night at the Td'F. In the background the lightning city of Catania



Volcanic dog before the event seen from the TDF! The right photo was sent from Tilo/Ilmanau. It is a group from Bavaria which ascented Mt.Etna from Nicolosi to the Laghetto areal. .Óver the clouds in the next morning



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