C/2013 US10 (Catalina)

 Observations started on 13th December 2015

Th. Boeckel



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23rd. of Dec.2015; Sudelfeld, South Bavaria (Brightness apprx. 5,6 mag*)

Newton 900mm f4.5, 3x55sec, ASA 1600, Canon 5DM3

13th of Dec.2015; Auerberg near Schongau, South Bavaria (Brightness apprx. 5,7 mag*)


Newton 900mm f4.5, 3x70sec, ASA 1600, Canon 5DM3

*mag  = > light magnitude. Up to apprx. mag 4-5 stars are visible  in the city with the naked eye, in very dark areas to mag 6. --> The more high numerical value is given, the more weak are the objects.

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