The observation of the new land


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This big lava block was discovered one hour after the eruption on the eastern base 100 meters away from the SE. The volume is hard to determine because it's not obvious how deep the body was staking in the ground. The estimated volume is 30m³-40m³, when you take the middle diameter of 4m. The body seemed to be partly cavitated and inside glowing. On the surface you could made fried eggs. Sunny-side-up, please! The weight maybe 10 - 30 tons ( it depends of the specific gravity...the cover-material was very compact and from heavy weight). The questionable position of this object is really mysterious, because there were no sign of a crater or a trace caused by rolling down.

If  the bomb was lifted out of the vent and then rolled or slipped down the following ejected ash and lapilli did maybe covered the trace. In case, this thing came by air, the thick lapilli- and snow- layers* were totally compressed and didn't had the consistence to form a typical crater-rim .May you take a stone and throw him into humid loam, you will see...*I'm not sure if there was at this time a snow layer under the ash-lapilli soil. The discovery and the publication of the 'Cyclop- photos' did also awake the interests of the scientists. Here are two interesting theories from Dr Schuster and Ulrich Kueppers to the development of this lava body.

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Picture down left shows me beside another hot-bullet, which came down at the end of the eruption. During the trip around the SE-cone big lava rocks and bombs were rolling down the steep slopes. It's important to say that is very dangerous to stay near the base. There is a lot of loosen material at the steep SE-dumps after a new eruption, and it could be possible that you get involved in a stone-evelange. (Look for the next picture!!!)


Photo on the right proudly presents Werner's volcano dance. He made himself away from a fast rolling glowing lava-rock (1m) which was loosen out of the moving lava front 20 meters upper him. After returning from the northern side of SE we went to the Sudestino (south) which had an apprx. 50 meter lava flow .Here we met Boris Behncke, (Götz Robbe and J. Zachal ....I hope the names are correct) who also have been on an observation-tour around the SE-cone. (from the left: Götz,  Zachal , Behncke, Keim, Zagler, Heidl).


In the late afternoon-hours we examined the south-slopes of the Bocca Nuova which were violent bombed during the eruption. Andreas Heidl behind an 4-meter crater which was also 4 meter deep. In the background you can also discover more craters.



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