Mt.Etna 2000

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SE Crater  6.4.00

Etnas rings

High noon. The SE -cone full in action again.. The observation in the new land. The discovery of unusual big lava bombs. More about this aerosole ring phenomene. This rings are really fascinating. Also the first eruption from the 2/3nd of April.

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A 1000 m fire column over  SE-crater. Photos token from the Td'F during the violent phase. Film sequences by  David Bryant.   

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bombs.jpg (8231 Byte) Lava bombs


More about  aerodynamic formed master pieces of  Etnas ejecta. 

Bocca N


Photos of a view inside the active Bocca Nuova. Hear the original sound of Mt. Etna. Also the volcano excursion at the first of June 2000.



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