Mt. Etna 2002/2003  

 A big glowing bowl

Preface: At this site you can see the activity in the southern region of Mt.Etna from 1st to the 3rd of November 2002 which was observed by M. Rietze and me. The activities at the northern side of the volcano couldn't got visited from us  because of our little time budget. 

November 2002 and Dec/Jan. 2002/03

Imposing Impressions A fiery arena Morning at the Td'F Auguri Sicilia 02/03
The first sketchmap of the southern region shows how a this volcano landscape changed in less than 15 month ( Nov. 02 ) The second sketchmap of the southern region shows the lava throne with flows and the ongoings the months before (Jan. 03)


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