Etna 2000-2002

The realm of the cyclope 


Mt. Etna in Sicily, one of the most active volcanos in the world threatened  2001 and 2002 with his monumental flank eruptions the entire mountain region and placed the population of the village Nicolosi and Linguaglossa before a new challenge to stand against the humor of this fiery giant. Enourmous eruptions in the summit region in the past two years were belonging to a series of main activities which are returning in the average rhythm of 8 -10 years 

The repeated attendance of this fiery arena permitted deep views in the partial new creation of OUR PLANET EARTH. Lava and gas fountains blasting out over the magic height of 1200 m, were observed from close situated positions and illustrated photographically by me. The developement of rare documentation material during this observations reflected a positive resemblance among the international experts. 

In experimental exposure series, I tried to hold the space-accessing forming out and the glittering splendour of colour of  the different eruptions on celluloid , in order to bring these fascinating, evo1utionary effective forces of nature to the interested viewer more near.

By the persona1 observations of these oversized games of nature, I became conscious to the extreme smallness and nullity of human existence, as a part of a larger one considering to the enormous power of nature.

This constel1ation during the events let revive also the thoughts of the greece mythology. In the transferred sense Odysseus made probably on his antique wandering the acquaintance with the power of the valcano Etna which was shown several times by the compromiseless confrontation in the shape of the one-eyed cyclope giant Polyphem, the renegate son of Poseidon.

The picture of the cyclope, is considered here as a metaphor of the last outbreaks whereby the gnome man defied successful1y the mighty fire giant and freed himself cunningly from the catches of the volcano with his powerful lavastreams.

 Thorsten Boeckel, 20.June 2005

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