The ISS transit during the partial solar eclipse

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On the 06-10-2021 the ISS passed the sundisk..

.. at 12h 51min and 54 sec (MESZ) during the partial sun eclipse

The angular size of the ISS was 59,22 arcsec, The duration of transit takes 0,58 sec

The position was the village of Lenting near Ingolstadt, South Bavaria

ISS before the sun,  partial solar eclipse June 2021 by Th Boeckel

 The movie was taken with a Sony a6300 by ISO 160  and 1/3200 sec, 25fps on a Zeiss refractor 840/63mm

A more high resolution image


Movie 1080   slow       Movie 4K   slow

! Because of the short time duration of the ISS transit, the movies are pointing out three times the same procedure in series!

ISS vor der Sonne, Sonnenfinsterniss by Th Boeckel            ISS vor der Sonne, Sonnenfinsterniss by Th Boeckel

Coming to my observation point in Lenting the cloud gap thriller began.

At 12:51 a big cloud rim expanded fast and dangerous near about 2° degrees to the sun.

Five minutes later everything would have been for nothing.


The place and equipment

ISS at 19th of June 2021, Fischen near Ammersee, Bavaria

lonesome ISS...

 Solo image from video, ISO 160, exp 1/4000 sec ( 25 fps ) Sony a6300 on Zeiss refractor 840/63mm

 and Baader flattfield converter.

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