Jupiter 2022

Double transit of moons on 26.Okt.2022

Photos and Videos by Th.Boeckel


Two total solar eclipses at the same time!

26.Okt.2022, ~21:30UTC

From left: Jupiter with its moons Europa (small) and Ganymede (bigger) and their shadows.

Place of observation: Maisach, Fuerstenfeldbruck (Bavaria). Distance ca. 4,12 AU ,618 Mio km



12.5" Newton 1900mm, Baader FFC, 33 milli sec, ZWO, ASI 120 Astrocam, post adapted with  RegiStax /AutoStakkert


More observations from 24.Sept.2022 - 26.Okt.2022 are coming soon!

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