Mn eclipse 2004


May 4, 2004 in Germerswang in Bavaria 7:00 p.m.; catastrophic weather! Only with a courageous change of location near Glonn, southeast of Munich, these recordings were made at the last minute. The incentive for this ride was actually the view from my hill behind the house. From here, through the chaos of clouds over Munich, far to the east (60 km) I could see a light blue gap and clouds illuminated by the sunset. Nothing like that


20:33; The rise of the full moon alone was a spectacle, as a shimmering orange-red ring rose directly behind a rounded, snow-covered Alpine dome. Until then I was unfortunately not ready with the construction. At least I just snapped the flickering ball through a Maksutov Skywatcher 1250 mm focal length.


Start of the lunar eclipse three degrees above the horizon. Due to the long exposure time, the alpine skyline also appears here. The lunar damage continues and a band of clouds sat punctually and precisely in front of the whole thing.



 Another move 10 km north and a new set-up left no more time for well-exposed photos. Guilt was a constant change of light of the increasingly stronger damned !!!! Cloud band. But still...

.. shortly before the final end, the totally darkened full moon appears again.
A minute later the bronze-colored disk disappeared behind a gray veil.


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