The Perseids

13th of August 2006, 2:00- 2:30 MESZ

 The partial radiant of the meteors


TB, 13.8.2006, composit of three photos. Period about 30 minutes.

 Tamron 17mm (~27 dig) f 2.8, 30 sec , ASA 400, Canon 20D

This photos were taken near Donauwörth. Significant is the green entrance color which is changing into red. May it is an friction effect of the deceleration, while the entrance temperatur is much higher as the dying down phase of the meteors. Also on the way, Uli Hochmann.

But! After an inquiry at the working group Meteore e.V. the following information from Mr. Roland Winkler was given.

The colored impression results  in any case from reciprocal effect of meteorite material with the upper atmosphere layers. Deceleration speed and temperature plays a rather subordinated role. A member of our association (working group Meteore e.V.) had put on a statistics over some years ago in order to the meteor colors, which brought however no reference to your statement above ( snief!! ). Usually Meteors are visually observed usually from the white color, perhaps with a weak bluish inside. With the appearance of bolides sometimes different colors can be observed.

And here a lausi Leonide from 19.11.06; 4:39 MEZ

Further information at working group Meteore e.V.

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