Annular eclipse of the sun

3rd of Oktober 2005, Spain (Madrid)

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Track of the eclipse, and passage of the moon disk (click for bigger)

Left: The original images are projected in the background which was photographed at 11:15. The different phases are positioned on the right ascension in a time interval of five minutes. The horizon was lifted about 10°degrees. The sun disk was magnified four times. The first image was made at 10:20, the last at 11:35. Middle: The Gif - Animation from Andreas Heidl shows the passage of the moon disk including the time data. Right: Advertising eclipse pillar in Madrid

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The annular solar eclipse was observed in the mountains of the Sierra Guadarama in an altituide of 1700m. Our Mountain ridge was located about 60 Km north west from Madrid. The position of the deepest shadow was fixed by GPS and controlled with the 'starry night pro' programm. The coordinates were given by Fred Espenak (NASA). How you can see the symmetry was adjusting at this point very exactly.

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 Metropolitan area of Madrid and the misty spirit of the new day



Nice to see how the moon summits are touching the sun edge. Zeiss refractor 840mm/63mm.Camera EOS 20D,1/320 sec 200 ASA. 

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Left : 'Weißwursttraum' *, the try to catch the cover without sun foil. I was a little bit to late... Right: H-Alpha image


The eclipse machines: Zeiss Refractor 840mm / 63mm. Camera EOS 20D, Right; Maksutov Skywatcher (1240/90)

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A very chill night with strong frost let us tremble until dawn. The AKM team (Workgroup Meteors) measured minus three degrees in the morning. Very nice surprise if you are expecting mild nights in Spain, and your summer equipment turns out to be a total flop...

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On Tour: Phillip Fröhling, Jens Augustin, Andreas Heidl und Richard Roscoe

Click for some more very fine eclipse images. Friends from Richard sent this link

*bavarian phrase:  If someone is sleeping during the day with open eyes you say, he is dreaming from ' Weißwürste'


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