Total Solar Eclipse 8/01/2008

全食   (China)

by Baader Team


This eclipse trip of the Team Baader  with the duration from the 27.7 to 8.4.2008 started at the city of Beijing


天安門廣場 / 天安门广场, The Tiananmen Square on the left. Right: One of the impressively buildings of Beijing

Goodies on the market in Beijing.


Enmin Minarett and market in Turfan

The further route takes us by flight to Urumqi and the next days over hundreds and hundreds of Kilometers through the most hotly regions of China (Xinjiang) via Turfan, the city of Enmin and Bezeklik). MAP


Drying of raisins in huge buildings and the desert at Hami, yurt camp near Barkol

After passing Hami we reached the gras high lands which were laying over an altitude of 5000m. From here we steered the course along the Mongolian frontier, crossing Barkol and than attaching directly the central line near Yuwi.

Eclipse City near Ywui

The dominating situation at this place was the well known permanent escaping from the nice weather clouds. Here the team was always sportive on the run by finding a bigger cloud gap at last. A fixpoint observation (stative and tracing) was nearly impossible, but anyhow new fascinating pictures were originated.

The ,pearl rope' at the entrance


The totality



Using a special image processing tool the extraction and amplification of the magnetic field lines of the sun could be shown up more intensive. Like at the total eclipse in Turkeye 2006, you can see a very flat line bundle like a 'cat beard' of the minimum corona caused by the still weak activities of our sun.

Diamant ring at the moon exit


Desert of  Dunhuang and a short time guest visit of a chinese familie

The backway leaded us over Hami and than to Dunhuang. From here we take the flight to Beijing and further to Munich.


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