Supernova (SN 2023ixf)  in M101, Pinwheel Galaxy

Supernova (SN 2023ixf) in M101 is still alive on 08 August 2023

Running time record?

Supernova (SN 2023ixf) in M101 is still alive on 25 June 2023

Newton Orion 900mm f4,5, 3x180 sec, Iso 1600, Sony a7III

Supernova (SN 2023ixf) in M101 on 15th of June 2023

Supernova (SN 2011fe) in M101, Pinwheel Galaxie 

Newton Orion 900mm f4,5, 2x91sec, Iso 3200, Sony a7III

Supernova (SN 2023ixf) in M101 at 22. May 2023

Supernova (SN2011fe) from August 2011

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A supernova appears again in the Pinweel galaxy (M101), which reaches a luminous intensity of approx. 12.5 mag* and can be clearly pointed out in the photo (marker). The duration of this Supernova is amazing which has changed only a little in brightness for 28 days. SN 2023ixf was discovered on May 19 by the amateur astronomer Koichi Itagaki.

Already in 2011 a supernova took place in M101, which reached a luminous intensity between 9-10 mag*. M101 is located in the constellation of the Big Dipper and is approximately 21 million light years away. Astronomically speaking, this is as good as nearly in our neightbourhood.

*mag  = > light magnitude: Up to mag +3-4 stars are visible nearby cities with the naked eye, in very dark areas the seeing limit can reach up to mag +6-7.

The more higher numerical value is given, the more weaker are the objects. E.g. - 4,7 mag, Venus glittering; - 1,0 Sirius, brightest star; +3,5 M31 Andromeda, pale shiny oval)


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