The moon is covering Venus by daylight

18th of June 2007

(Fuerstenfeldbruck, South Bavaria)


Venus entrance 16:22 MEZS

Around 17:44 our earth satellite moon released the 94 million distanced Venus again. With a 800mm refraktor it was an unexpected impressive observation. In comparision, the three days old moon crescent could not compete with the bright lucent half -Venus. Like a diamond the white planet was twinkeling again cheeky behind the "disk" again. Of course it was also again a cloud thriller. During the entrance around 16:22 a compact cloud plate stood over Fuerstenfeldbruck,  due to the weather mess the entrance could not be observed. St. Peters grace let the sky tear up so far ten minutes before the reappearance.

Venus exit 17:44 MEZS


Due to the high standing ice clouds the seeing was catastrophal, and close-ups in a 300x magnification seemed senseless. Pure slobber was to be seen. Two minutes after the reappearance of Venus the atmosphere calmed, and a close to the moon standing planet (apprx. 1 arcmin) could be filmed.


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10 th of May 2008

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