Stromboli (devils golf course)

     November 2010  


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Video Clips Stromboli 2010  Video Clips Stromboli 2010  Video Clips Stromboli 2010  Video Clips Stromboli 2010

The tour

Avanti! Avanti, the weather forecast announced already for the Sundays night a change of the predominating dry Scirocco currency around the Lipary Islands. Thus the clearly announced Saturday night was our only hope for the observation of the eruptive events at the crater terrace. In good faith this short trip brought us into the Tyrrhenian sea, and after a one and a half years break finally to the volcano Stromboli

Stromboli Nov 2010   Stromboli Nov 2010

The following and only night was actually unusually clear and nearly windless.

Here a change of the crater terrace was offered to us. The east range was not any more a dominating “elephant back” with two trumpet-like outlets. However the two at this time active vents were placed in the used position (April/May 2009). One of the eastern vents was active during the night in an interval of approx. 20 minutes and ejected under loud noise lava shreds and cinder up to 150 meters into the area. The western side was divided into four tubes whereby two tubes were moderately active. Altogether we counted eight red-hot tubes. The lava carpet one weekend before the in the center of the terrace, observed by Marco Fulle, has meanwhile cooled off : - (.


       stromboli 2010 blue flametb

However one characteristic between the western vents was to be observed. A withdrawing hydrogen flame high up to five meter, started simultaneous with the cinder output of the neighboured tubes and appeared blue-violet, and delighted our minds. With the beginning dawn the colouring disappeared and to our surprise the withdrawal aerosol appeard rather carbon black.

Briefly said, the total activity ran in a more or less moderate kind of condition, and after the detailed observation of these regular dim lights we decided to step down to the lower western crater edge. Lets bring some oomph into the whole thing.

Stromboli Nov 2010mr Stromboli Nov 2010tb tb

Stromboli Nov 2010tb   mr

In the distance of approx. 30-40 meters a more detailed view to the western tube culture could be enabled.

Stromboli Nov 2010      tb

Stromboli Nov 2010            Stromboli Nov 2010mr

Here U can recognise the breathing of the volcano very closely. Smallest details up to ejections of approximately 100 meters delighted corpus and brain due to this direct proximity. The sinking full moon in the western background gave this performance of natur the contours of the crater areal, and with the increasing dawn further unique light moods could be spellbounded on chip.

Stromboli Nov 2010      Stromboli Nov 2010      tb   

From the side view the eight red-hot eruption tubes in the black terrace had rather the appearance that this could be also the golf course of the devil. (The hell rogue however was not sighted, maybe better!).

Stromboli Nov 2010   Stromboli Nov 2010tb

After daybreak the east crater was taken in sights. Here further eruptive details were captured.

Finally is to be said and it was remarkable the fact, that despite violent eruptions like the one in the year 2007, the basic formation of the crater terrace finds the way back again and again and the eruption tubes steps nearly again to the same positions.This probably points out, thats very sturdy eruption channels in the depth of the volcano are placed, which cannot be changed and/or destroyed even by strong intermediate eruptions.


ALL craters can erupt and throw out far behind the mentioned observation points. In this distance lava bombs can cause fatal injuries.

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 by M.Rietze


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