The strombolian augites from the Pizzo

(Ca,Mg,Fe²,Fe³,Ti;Al)2[(Si,Al)2 O6


augit_c.jpg (27598 Byte) 1

The crystals (1) were discovered 1995 in the NW-walls of the the Pizzo and at the slopes in direction Rina Grande. The mineral of the pyroxene-group, is shiny green and reach the hardness of 5-6. Assuming that the stiffing- temperatur is a little higher than the strombolian- magma, the crystals are "swimming" in a solid condition in the liquid, until they get ejected to the surface.

augit_twin_big_c.jpg (9889 Byte)2

Photo( 2 ) presents a typical habitus of a twin-crystal, which remembers unquestionable to an Andreas-cross.

augit_4twin_c.jpg (11610 Byte)3    augit_4twin_umk_c.jpg (11861 Byte)3a

augit_4cry_c.jpg (12602 Byte)4    augit_4cry_umk_c.jpg (10467 Byte)4a

(Scale in mm )

Photo ( 2/3 ) are showing a mixture of twin- and single- crystals.

(Scales in mm). Inverting the photos the habitus seems to appear clearer (3a,4a)



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