Stromboli, the 6/7th of December 2003


 by Raimon Schulz and A. Fischer

After the strong activities 2002 /2003 and the enormous explosion at April the 5th 2002 it is still difficult and forbidden by law to ascend the summit of Stromboli. Further restless  phases of the volcano were registered to the turn of the year 03/04. Nevertheless Raimon Schulz and friends succeeded at the 7th of December staying in a position where it was possible to get an exiting view into the new crater by making some interesting photos from the eruptive ejections and the changing summit region.


After the explosion on the 5th of April 2002 the new crater rim (former crater 1) received a visibly larger radius  

When we reached the altitude of 400 m (helicopter landing place and live camera), we were loudly called. A policeman (in civil clothes, but with an ID document), a mountain
guide and a further person came up. They explained us that we have been already too far (up to 290m is permitted). After long discussions they said that we could remain on the altitude of 400m, if we would ascend neither still further high nor would stay overnight. They descended then with the beginning of the dawn. At night it rained and it was strongly cloudy on the next morning. In the afternoon we ascended again and the wind turned to north. This was our luck, because the whole clouds were blown away to the south and the summit was free. This time crater 1 was full active, partly in a minute interval."


The photos 1 and 2 show the change of the summit area. From this position you can recognize how the big crater developed itself during the April eruption 2003. Photos from Oliver and Karlheinz Gerstenberger, Arno Fischer.

1(TB)  2(AF)

In the comparison. The summit from October. 2000 (1) and December. 2003 (2). The difference is clear.

For these informations much Thanks to Raimon Schulz and Arno Fischer, out of Rosenheim


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