Guatemala, Fuego Volcano, Pacaya

Martin Rietze, Richard Roscoe (8. -20. Dezember 2005)

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Because of the onward going vacation time we devided us. Richard was interrested for the Pacaya, my tendency I was toward the  active ongoings of the volcano Fuego.


The passage of the Acatenango was very exhausting because you have to carry that heavy weight stuff of 20 Kg on 3800-3900m Nevertheless, the medium active volcano did show in the middle of December a very impressive performance. Even in a distance of several kilometers you cuold hear the jet-whisteling noise very loud.


In the night the southern situated lavaflow was clear tho observe. Heavy rockfall was recognised continiously and with the beginning of the full moon I tried to risk the sourrunding of the summit. This dangerous try ended sucessfull, but after reaching the highest point I was welcomed by little glowing Lapillis. The only chance to sourrund the crater was the eastern passage. On this way a strombolian outthrowing crack did stopped me and I had to turn back.



In the morning the dense fog was clearing up and I decided to descent directly to Alotenango.

Addendum: A few days later the activity increased obviously. Chris Weber could visit this volcano at this time by observing extremely high lava fountains, ash clouds and lava flows. (siehe V.E.I pages). An ascent to the crater rim would have been probably impossible...




Summit landscape at Pacaya. Very interesting the change of the crater after the eruption of 2006. The top was completely 'rebuild'. Left up: The hut don't exist anymore.


Sulphur fumaroles at the crater areal of Pacaya.


A place full of traditional life. The city of Antigua Guatemala with the historic buildings.

To volcano Maria - Santiaguito


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