Volcano Eyjafjallajökull

   March - May 2010 


        Video Sakura Jima, Suwanose Jima 

 Photo report

First impressions from the Eyjafjallajökull fissure were photographed and filmed by Marc and Martin beginning with the 21rst of March. Norbert Fischer, Marco Fulle and me visited this place in April to see what changed the last two weeks. And it was changing a lot!!

Update: Martin, C.Weber and R.Roscoe visited the volcano in May and enjoyed 'the taste of power'

Eruption of the volcano Eyjafjalla at the 14th of April 2010

Island 2010, by Martin Rietze Eyjafoell Eruption 2010 by Thorsten Boeckel Eyjafoell Eruption 2010 by Thorsten Boeckel
Aesthetic pre signs Eruption of Eyjafjalla   Lightning eruptions
Eruption Eyjafjalla Volcano, Islan2010, by Thorsten Boeckel
Ice-and Fire Volcano On top of Eyjafjalla Geysir, Strokkur
Infos about the eruption Geochemical analysis

 Best informations about seismic and actual events of Ejyafjalla volcano    SF DOK Interview and Doku

©2010, Photos (Eruption Eyjafjalla, Lightning), Thorsten Boeckel, last modification 05/04/2010

©2010,  Photos (Lava fissure, Crater)  M.Rietze, R.Roscoe, last modification 05/25/2010

© 2010, Geochemical analysis by Frank Möckel,

last modification 07/12/2010

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