Rinjani, Batur, Merapi, Semeru, Bromo ....

Java, Bali (Indonesia), part 1

By Martin Rietze, organized by Chris Weber, (Aug/Sept. 2005)

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Images from Martins Java- and Indonesia tour. Guide, Chris Weber

Since a long time the volcanos from Indonesia and Bali inspired me greatly and therefore I took the occasion to travel from the 08.13.-9.10.2005 across this fascinating land. The first part of the journey was organised by Chris Weber, the second part was arranged on my own account. In addition the journey should deal with the mystic landscapes and the people around these hot spots.


Here the resumption of the journey



The visit to the mud volcano Bledug Kuwu was it worth, because in a regular interval the warm mud was rising up like soccer balls and blasting in a variety of spectacular forms. The whole area was feeling like a warm swinging mattress. So you can guess that my shoes did chance into heavy lunk clusters in a short time. The night I spent in Yogyakarta and the next day was dedicated to explore the temples of Prambanan.



In the evening a hike gave a view into the rock fall zone of Merapi, but no event was registrated. More or less the photos of the lava dome appear a little bit boring. Before reaching the normal trekking path to the Merapi summit by road, there was enough time to visit the impressive temple complex of Borobudur. After a short night in Selo the night ascend to the volcano began. Regrettably dense fog avoided every view into the crater area, but the legendary blue flames of the old dome gave a nice alternation.



Because of a good weather tendency in the forenoon I decided to get the Merapi peak together with a domestic guide again without the group. A phantastic morning mood did compensate the echo endeavour. Meeting the group in the next big city again the hike on the volcano Lawu was mainly unspectacular. But the descend to the crater see of the awesome Kelut left a mark how it must be when this volcano erupts. The Kelut is well known for his dangerous Lahars, therefore the water gage of the lake was reduced artificial for preventation.



SEMERU ( On the images you can discover a lightning flashover !!)

Target of the next day was the area which was situated 12 km south of Semeru. Only from this position you could get a view to the craters inner live. In the morning hours I could observe every 5- 15 minutes respectable blasts. A lightning flashover inside the eruption cloud was the ultimate happening. On the photos you can recognise the electric arc which was probably caused by the friction of the scoria and appears in a close range outside the plume. This very seldom phenomena could also be observed at other volcanoes in the world. The electrostatic overload can also produce powerful flashes which can reach the ground like in a thunderstorm.


From the base camp the ascend to the top started at the 24th of August after midnight. Because of the fluffily pored lava ground this ascend demanded a full activity by climbing only 1000 altimeters. Reaching the summit right in time the great award was a huge eruption. Such an event didn't repeat itself during the rest of the night. Luckily at this time the camera was fixed on the tripod and was ready for release.



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