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Surrounded by an impressive volcanic landscape and the dry beauty of the Pampa, the Tatio Geysers is a geothermal field of volcanic origin on ca.4300 m height. Cooking water is forced up caused by the high steam pressure by innumerable soil openings and climbs under violent steam development up to 10 meter. The wonderful spectacle has its Zenith every day between 04:00 and 7:00 early in the morning, which actually is contradicting each logical assertion. Not believing to this exact rythm of activity we made up ourselves to the wale-like looking pipes. And well surprised, it was not a lie.

Beside this natural phenomene there are thermal water pools and volcanic egg boiler on the fields. In the case of rougher contamination of the traveler you can take also a thermal bath. Useful advice --> wearing your clothes during the thermal bath saves the laundry washing and a pityfull quiver in the lausi cold weather. How you get off from the soaking wet clothes without  freezing is your problem.

Note: Do not jump in every pool, the most are cooking !!

Excursion over the fields


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