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Richard Roscoe

Born 1971 in Luton, England.  After going to school in England and Germany, studied Biological Sciences at Leicester University and sub-sequently obtained a PhD in Microbial Genetics. Resident of Munich, Germany, since 1997, working in the patent field.Interested primarily in volcanoes and wildlife.  First lava contact was in Hawaii, after which there was no turning back.  Photographic interest has gradually developed by trial and (lots of) error since then, with an increasing interest in nighttime photography of volcanic activity.  Favorite volcanoes so far are Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania (where I first met Thorsten and Martin) and Soufriere Hills on Montserrat.  Also interested in birds, particularly penguins, since these are relatively easy to find and can be entertaining company while one observes and photographs them.




Andreas Heidl

Was born on May 1966 in Munich. Self-employed I  take care for handicapped people. My kids Sarah and Levin are 19 and 14 years old. According to the opinion of my life partner Bea, I spend to much time with my camera.....sometimes! My interests in nature are fascinating me in all their facets since my childhood.      The reason of  "Vulkahnsinn"  Like Thorsten (we are friends since 1980) began very early on many journeys documenting the nature with my camera. Meantime I use more often the movie camera and make small nature documentary films. On international nature film festivals NaturVision and the national Naturale festival several awards up to the proffesional category could be reached. The actual film "Vom Läufer, dem Wasser und der Jagd" you can see on the BUGA 2005 in Munich.
 From the snails to the volcanism up to the solar eclipse and back again to the field wasp, everything has its own fascination and want to be experienced.


Martin Rietze

Born in Fuerstenfeldbruck near Munich in June 1964. During the school time and the study of electro-technology in Munich my interests increased in astrophoto- graphy and climbing mountain-eering. Afterwards starting from 2000, I became strong emphasised on active volcanos. Thereby the photography and filming did become the main intensions. Although the astro- photography moved into the background, the astronomy will always remain as a substantial companion. But my vocational activity already provides the Baader planetarium, a company for production and trading astronomical devices. Journeys to sun eclipses or the observation of special astronomical events just like the membership with the FFB & Gilching creates a purchase to the astronomy. A strong nature and travel interest generally exists also to the topic volcano. Thus, it pulls me also again and again in polar regions, deserts and other landscapes exotic for Europeans. The photography of these landscapes, their animal world and also their atmospheric features (e.g. north light) are always a big faszination for me.


Thorsten Boeckel

Was  born in Munich in February 1966.  Since 1998 I'm engineering supply and environment techno- logy. Beside photographing especially volcano events, my main interests are science of mineralogy and astronomy. Photographing and mountaineering  is a  red thread through my whole life. In the last years, I spent the most time with photographing geological anomalies, the volcanos. New perspectives in the science of astronomie arose by the foundation of the professional observatory in Gilching (Bavaria) promoted by the VHS Gilching/ Fuerstenfeldbruck. Being a member of the the observatory in Fuerstenfeldbruck offered me a new field of astronomical activities. Returning to the volcanos I'm looking forward for more spectacular volcano trips with my film and photo partners to create more photo exhibitions and docu- mentations in the future.



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