Mount Etna 2018

South East Cone II, 22-25 November 

 M. Szeglat, Th.Boeckel


A little bit of  Etna

Views over the upper Laghetto region to Catania

     Vulkan Ätna Nov 2013, By Th. Boeckel

Right: Weak activity at the New South East cone

The new Torre del Filosofo ;-)


The good old Torre del Filosofo 2000-2006

Volcano Etna Nov 2018, By Th. Boeckel    Vulkan Ätna Nov 2013, By Th. Boeckel

Etna from Milo. The weak eruptive activity is still going on and ended at the 23rd/24th of December 2019 with an opening fissure in an spectacular show.

A huge lava flow was moving into the Val de Bove, but the duration of this activity took only 1-2 days.

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To the Paroxismus from 11/2013

Paroxismus from the 1rst April 2012

Paroxismus from June 2011

Oldies, but Goldies. Mt. Etna from 1999 to 2006


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