Transit of Mercury 

   Munich & Germerswang, 9th of April 2016   



The smallest sun eclipse in our sun system you can get

Mercury Transit 2016     Mercury Transit 2016

On Monday the 9th of May the Transit of Mercury started in Munich at 13:12 MESZ and could be observed nearly arond the world. The exit time of this little disk was nearly equal to the horizon touch down of the sun in the evenig at 20:39.

Transit of Mercury 2016    Transit of Mercury 2016

Planet Mercury on the way crossing the sun disk.

Transit of Mercury 2016    Transit of Mercury 2016  Transit of Mercury 2016

Very turbulent atmospheric conditions and upcoming clouds allowed only some more or less sharp photos with a Zeiss refractor 840/63mm f13,3, on Canon 5DMIII. Exposure time 1/6400 to 1/250, ASA 50-100.

Mercury Transit 2016   Mercury Transit 2016

Transit of Mercury 2016   Transit of Mercury 2016

The transit at 19:10 MESZ with some cloud pattern, and a passing airplane in a distance of apprx 160 km let this ca.7:18 hours event end somehow romantic.

Transit of Mercury 2016  MOVIE  Transit of Mercury 2016

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