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This moon eclipse was also a very frosty event . And since the  MOFI 2000 at Jan. 21  I ask myself, why  I must always fight against snow masses at my observation point by the temperature of minus 10 degrees, or icy oculars accompanied with the nearly exodus of  my batteries . But finally it was a very lucky event because no one thought to get such a clear view to our earth trabant moon, with two dark sides.

MOFI special by Martin Rietze       


 This marvellous exposure shows the moon eclipse in its steady time sequence.

   Datas of this photo


3    4     


On the videocaptures 1 and 2 you can see the earth shadow covering the moon surface more and more. On the photos 3,4 you will discover the beginning and the last sun beams on the moon. Images 5 and 6 are diapositives and it was impossible to show the the second moon half on the paper prints. May the SIBA- chrome technique brings a better solution..

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 Thanks to Thorsten Pusch and Thorsten Schmeier for the mulled-wine first aid. Optical errors should be excused! The first price for special moon eclipse efforts is going to my brother Thilo, who was stiking  with his car in the snow anywhere in our beautyfull landscape while searching us. Congratulations!!!


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