Total moon eclipse  

27th of July 2018, Germerswang near Munich, by Th. Boeckel


This moon eclipse  was announced as the "longest eclipse in the 21rst century".

As a special 'add-on' the planet Mars could be observed in opposition.

Begin of this moon eclipse with entrance in the umbra shadow (2nd contact at 20:24 MESZ)

Not visible from Central-Europe


.. with a moon rise as a sicle to the end of the 2nd contact.

 Begin of totality (3rd contact) um 21:30 MESZ.


End of totality (4th contact)  at 23:13 MESZ together with the Mars opposition. Position of Mars apprx.17:00h

In the foreground the city of Fuerstenfeldbruck / Bavaria



Exit of the umbra shadow (5th contact) could be observed at 00:19 MESZ.

The passing of the umbra shadow (totality, contact 3rd-4th) took 103 minutes.

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