A lightning sensation 

The partial / annular solar eclipse on the 31st Mai of 2003,

The annular eclipse seen from Iceland

The partial eclipse seen in the Bavarian Alps

 Photos taken from the twin peaks Roßstein / Buchenstein apprx.1700m in direction East North East (Tegernsee) 

The evening before a mystic event took place at the summit of the Buchenstein. In the afternoon the tendency of thunderstorms decreased and the summit got slowly free of clouds. So it seemed that an ascent to the top would not be too dangerous. After reaching the summit our hairs were lifted totally up and we recognised that we were placed in the middle of a strong electrostatic field. This field had such a power that Falkos long hairs (50 cm) stood totally vertical. Very fast we descent from the summit, because a flash is often the hazardous consequence. We were lucky because in our case there was no lightning discharge. Unfortunately we left our cameras in the alpine hut….

The next morning

4:45 - 5:15 a.m. in the morning. The light of the dawn seemed really constantly, because with the closer coming sunrise at 5:17* (5:22) the disk was covered more and more by the moon. The first half of this solar eclipse took place under the horizon.

     5:17, before maximum

5.18 5.18

    5.20                           5.21                              5.23   

5.26                            5.30

Like glowing horns of a Viking helmet the fast uprising sun appeared through the misty atmosphere near the ground. By entering the more transparency layers the two tips got more and more bright. 

* Standing on the summit with an altitude of 1697m you have the chance to get the view 'under' the horizon (about one degree). That means that the maximum covering of the sun disk (78%) was seen in a higher position like down in the valley. For this reason the sunrise happened from this standing point apprx. 5 minutes earlier 5:17* / 5:22.

At this observation point there was one special too. The maximum and symmetric cover of the moon felt together with the horizontal position of the sun crescent. Less other places could offer this unique sight. And at least you can see that the real spectacular part of this solar eclipse happened in less than six minutes.

Film: Fuji color, ASA 400; Time of exposure 1/30 -1 sec; Equipment: Minolta x-700, Tamron 500mm, f: 5.6

All photos were taken without a sun foil because of the given filter called air pollution. Advice: Never look without an eye protection in the sun or through tele lenses! 

Both photos: The panorama view during the solar eclipse in the eastern direction. (5:40)

30.5, the view to the 'Tegernseer Hütte' which is situated between the two peaks.

Also in right time at the right place, Thorsten Pusch and Falko Mueller

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