Hawai'i, Kilauea in April 2005

Sky lights and Breakouts



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A skylights in the size of 4 meters, situated at the western part of the 11 kilometer distanced Pu'O'o crater shows the mighty PKK lava flow in a depht of may 8 meters, which is steady flowing down to the pacific coast.




Up to 300000 tons of lava are flowing down at the south flanks of the Pulama Pali region reaching the Kupaianaha coastal line via reticulated tubes to reemerge on the sealevel situated plateau in countless fantasy formations. If this little breakouts are reaching the cliffs by entering the sea you call them 'ocean entries'.



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Source: The HVO - Site

On this fiery tour: Martin Rietze, Richard Roscoe, Thorsten Boeckel



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