Hawai'i, Kilauea in April 2005

The Pu`u`O`o vent



In 1983 a series of short-lived lava fountains built the massive cinder-and-spatter cone of Pu`u`O`o. In 1986, the eruption migrated 3 km down the east rift zone to build the broad shield Kupaianaha, which provided the coast with lava for the next 5.5 years. When the eruption shifted back to Pu`u`O`o in 1992, a series of flank-vent eruptions formed a shield banked against the uprift side of the cone. Continuous eruption from these vents did caved the fiery underworld in the west and south flanks of the cone, resulting large collapses of the west flank.


In- and around the crater areal 15 cones are piling up. The long exposed photos presents the incandesent cones inside the crater. On the left side of the upper photo you can see the collapsed 'East Pond Vent', which broke down one week before our arrival. In reason of this volcanic act at the south gap of the crater the view inside the cone was able and  a 20 x15 meter large and wild degasing lava lake was offered to us.

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Rainy weather conditions complicated taking photographs. Dense fog disabled the clear view into the crater world. The hot steam was unfortunately raising up at the southeast rim and 'contaminated' the whole view in the crater. Anyhow some nice exposures were born and particular on Martins photos the incandesence cones appears for a short time clearly. He was standing 150 meter east of my position and could evade the misty pollution.

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On the left side of the East Pont Vent, down the river (sea) the old splatter cone was ejecting in an intervall of may one hour scarce material from the bottom into the height of 20 meters. The ejectas had been of an liquid consistence. The lava pond and the splatter cone describes a nice fiery pair being connected by one lava flow.

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Morning mood at the crater. Left and right you can see the eruptive ejectas. On the next page we are entering the rim of the East Pont Vent by enjoying a view inside this monster.


Sunrise at the crater after a hawaiian rainy night in our protection rift.

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Source: The HVO - Site

On this fiery tour: Martin Rietze, Richard Roscoe, Thorsten Boeckel


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