Mexico 2015

   Colima Volcano   

24th to 1rst of November: M.Rietze, M. Szeglat, R.Roscoe, Th.Boeckel 



*If someone does a trip, probably only a few can ever report of the strongest hurricane that even got its landfall in the time for our arrival on the western coast of Mexico. In addition, even towards our target area, the currently active volcano Colima. Our journey was stopped abruptly in Huston, as all flights to Guadalajara and also in this area got understandably cancelled. On the US television, we were able to follow the 'landfall' with windspeeds up to 350 km/h on the west coast near Manzanillo and we expected the worst devastations in the 50 km distanced area of ​​Colima volcano. Everything was pointed out for coming home soon :-(

Hurricane Patricia


Source and image credit to NOAA / US Gov

Luckily this hurricane monster of the class five caused on the coast relatively less devastations and weakened in the inland surprisingly fast into the category 2. But the immense rainfalls washed away parts of roads rapidly. And so it came that a 15m deep canyon due to lahar cut of the road before the bridge in front of the driveway near the village of San Antonio. Fact was, our street got hit really bad.


On our arrival day the bridge was barely visible under the Lahar boulder. Note the huge rocks. The picture in the middle shows the still intact bridge before (Image credit to Google Earth). After about 5 days dredging and repairs the bridge was again passable.


Nevertheless, there was the possibility of spectacular rides through a ford to reach the village.

..and now to the

Volcano Colima


When you finally left the nerv-racking procedures behind, you will at least be rewarded with a view of the imposing volcanic cone with its 3860m


The photo team from left: M.Szeglat, Th.Boeckel, R.Roscoe, M.Rietze und H.Cervantes

Volcanic Lightning

  Mexico Colima Vulkan 2015 , by Boeckel   Mexico Colima Vulkan 2015 , by Boeckel  

The at the volcano starts and thus the infinite rigid incl. hallucinateing into the darkness. When you then espied an eruption it came after a short time to more or less lightning formations. On the second night there was a more stronger eruption ending whith a bright flash that lit the about two kilometer high ash cloud colorfully.

Mexico Colima Vulkan 2015 , by Boeckel   Mexico Colima Vulkan 2015 , by Boeckel



The daylight eruptions were also highly impressive. According to the Air Traffic Control VAAC the ash clouds raised up to five kilometers.

After a second heavy rain front we only thought let's get out of here. The swelling of the river in San Antonio would have cut us promptly the way back.

Mexico Colima Vulkan 2015 , by Boeckel   Mexico Colima Vulkan 2015 , by Boeckel

Strombolian activity

So,we moved to the south side of Colima near the town Tonila. From this position, we had a better insight into the crater lip. Previously red Strombolians were very rare, but in the Halloween night a more violent eruption promoted plentiful incandescent material.




A few impressions from the very pleasant town of Comala. Adios!

*Matthias Claudius 1786,  Urinas journey around the world .

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