Summit of the Popocatepetl 

The last silent days

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The Popocatepetl (5451m), view from Amecameca. Wild dancing Indigienas befor the church in Amecameca (right)

The 1.3.1996

Before ascending, beware of the very dangerous dogs!


On the left here we have Mr. Popo who followed us up to an altitude of 4200m. On this altitude we changed the hero dog of  Mexico Mrs Cate for Mr Popo from tree US mountaineers who came back from the summit. Mrs Cate followed us very brave to the summit and back to the base. Dog Petl has been on vacation!

The free standing neighbour Ixtachiuhatl (5250), from the place 'Las cruzes' (4550m). 


From this place we had  also the phantastic view over whole Mexico City (right).The two pictures are made in the same direction (17.00 afternoon and 20.00 evening). After the mist was gone the lightning scenery of 30 million people appeared clearly and gave us the far distance look over 200 km! 


Good morning at 4.50. The very sharp wind and minus ten degrees, also the altiutude (4550m) let us sleep catastrophal, but seeing the Pico Orizaba (5700) in the far distance and the fleas of Mrs. Cate who attacked me during the night serveral times to get in my sleeping back gave us the power for the ascend to the top (left). The next photo is showing our sleeping place at 'Las cruzes' and on the right  you see the steep ashcovered ice slopes.

Bernhard Bauer in the ice field!


Reaching the top of the volcano, without knowing that the vulcano will

 cut his 88 year eruption brake in three days! Ajayjay!

 Look for the dog on the right of Bernie!


Enjoying the panorama over Mexico in direction of Puebla and the view over the fumaroles in the big, big crater. Inside this crater there was alright a second one with the diameter of 100 m. In three days this place will not exist anymore.

Dedicated to Bernhard Bauer


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