Indonesia: Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi

Volcanos: Krakatoa, Slamet, Lokon, Karangetang

     June 2009  

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Volcan Karangetang

From the activity of the volcano Lokon pleasantly surprised, the journey was heading from Manado to Siau Island, an afield island in the North of Sulawesi. Here  the volcano Karangetang should keeps us further in our fiery mood. The strong activity with pyroclastic flows provided one week before the headlines in the national papers and broadcasts.


Already with the arrival in the port of the city Ulu the cheery charakter of the native population was noticeable.


The so-called Microbuses are all equipped with a minimum of 1000W music power. No matter how late it is, they always drive with a full sound volume.


With a visit to the local market one is confronted with all kinds of exotic fruits. No matter in which ominous shape this wild plants appear, they nearly always taste fine. On the left the so called snake fruits are shown, which are offering a completely new zippy taste .


Seafood and above all the tuna dominate on the native plate. Right, nutmegs are dried. Here, everything is available in abundance. Even in the stores you can stand deep to your belly in the megnuts.



Beside the way to our observation point plenty of flowering nutmegs were laying amass down on the trail. Always in a helpful and friendly attidude, the local people. When you rummaged yourself through the dense grass meadows and tree ferns forests you will reach the old lava flow after one hour walk. Here an observation without poisonous chilopods is possible.


Microstrombolian Activity

So far everything was running perfectly, accept one. The volcano! Karangetang uproared till the 5th of June and was now at the 11th in a silent period.



Even when you concentrate yourself extremely for observing the volcano, you could not see at all the microstrombolian activity. The weak activity could be made only visible with photographically support. Awesome!! : - (   -nevertheless it gave us the opportunity to invent a new expression (see above). 


Momentary status (left) and the target state (right). With the visit of the volcanological observatory the momentary situation and the activity on the 4th of June is constituted clearly. Not a mini amplitude was to be seen for a longer time on the seismograph.


Well well, let's go to Slamet!

On tour: Alain de Toffoli, M.Rietze, Th. Boeckel

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