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Volcanos: Krakatoa, Slamet, Lokon, Karangetang

     June 2009  

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Volcan Lokon

(North Sulawesi, Province Utara)


At Manado we met Alain de Toffoli, an volcano expert  par excellence. People in the city of Tomohon which is situated 15 Km south of Manado.


So it can quite happen in North Sulawesi, that in the closer neighbourhood evenly a volcano can erupt. Thus with the end of the hotel park (*also we do not live always in lava caves!!) the volcanic periphery begins .


The apprx. 900 meter far crater was reached after a 45 minutes foot march through an fantastic basaltic river bed. From the airplane seen, this crater has rather the character of a past nuclear bomb test. With the try to view inside the crater, nothing more as a dense steam cloud could be seen. After a patient waiting time, by inhaling amass of aggressive acid steam*, Martins SLR camera felt the acid-bite during this waiting time  partly to victim.

*wise knowledge: It's always better to leave the gas mask in the hotel ...

mr     tb

Anyhow we came to the idea to change to the other side of the crater. And surprise, a 20-30 meter broad lava dome was to be recognized. This dome seemingly was moving in the turqouise coloured crater lake and produced at this cut-surface powerfull steam.

mr   mr  tb

Dry air in the later evening sucked the steam clouds from the crater interior. With ascending the outside crater edge, a free and clear view was given and combined with the moon rise, impressing moments could be experienced.


On Tour: Alain de Toffoli, M.Rietze, Th Boeckel

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