Mt. Etna, June 2001

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Days of fiery impressions

The new episode of the strombolian activities of the SE-cone. Also baned from fire and thunder, lavastreams and insidious sand devils: Ingo v. Kaenel


4-6. June

The first view behind the SE-cone to the lavaflows. Sandstorms on the summit region made this observations very uncomode. The lavaflows elapsed. After a two day's break the first eruption of the new episode 2001 at the SE-cone startet at 3:30 am. 

7.-9. June

Lets introduce a new vent on Etnas summit. "The Levantino". The good old lava fontain from 2000 created it's own dome. The big birthday candles on the Southeast......... 

10-20. June

Fuoco dell' Etna. Activity the whole night long with detailed images of a 250m high magma spring on top of  the Levantino. Lavajets from 500 up to 700 meter."Tutto rosso". Attending to a really mighty and noisy eruption.

The complete update of the events in June 2001: ETNA-NEW's by Boris Behncke

Further interesting documentations on the web sites from Stromboli online and Tom Pfeiffer



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