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Eclipses or occultations, deep sky or comets. Some of you can remember to the celestial specials in the past. The images which are show below are results of our astrophotography by using professional and amateur equipment. The locations are reaching from global situated points to our favorit home places (mostly Bavaria) and regional observatories. I try to update this site with the actual ongoings as far as observations are able.

The Observatories: Left Gilching and on the right Fuerstenfeldbruck. By   and VHS


Observation of Comets

2023 Sept:C/2023 P1/Nishimura C2023 Aug: Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks 22/23: Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF

2022 March: Comet Atlas L3 2022 July: Comet Panstarrs K2 2021 Dec: Triple, C/2021 A1 Leonard

Comet C/2020 Swan F8 Boeckel
2020 July: Neowise C/2020 F3

2020 May:C/2017 Panstarrs T2  5/20

2020 May: C/2020 Swan F8


2020 March: C/2017 AtlasY4

2019 Feb: C/2018 Y1 Iwamoto

2018 Dec: 46/P Wirtanen


2018 Aug: P21/Giacobini Zinner

2017 March: 41P/TK-Kresak & V2 Johnson 2014 Dec: Lovejoy C/2014 Q2 

2013 Dec: C/2013 US10 (Catalina)

2013 Dec: C/2013 R1 Lovejoy 2013 Nov: C/2012 S1 ISON

2013 March: C/2011 L4 PanSTARRS 2011 Aug: P1/2009 Garradd 2010 Oct: C103P/ Hartley 2

  2010 Juni: C/2009 McNaught R1

2009 Feb: Lulin C/2007  N3

2007 Oct: 17P/ Holmes

2007 Oct: F1 Loneos

2007 Jan: (C/2006 P1), Mc Naught

2006 Oct: Swan M4

 2006 May: Schwassmann Wachmann

2005 Jan: C/2004 Q2 (Machholz)

2004 May: Bradfield

2004 May: Q4/Neat:

 2002 Feb: V1 (Neat)

2001 April: Ikeya-Zhang,  Meteorit


Perseid meteor shower 2021, by Th Boeckel


2021 Aug: The Perseids 2020 Aug: The Perseids  

2018 Aug: Perseiden radiant 2015 Dec: Geminides

2015 Aug: Perseids

2013 Dec: Geminides Radiant 2006 Dec: Polar light and Geminides

2006 Aug: Perseids

Polar lights, Red sprites, atmospheric light phenomena

  2023 August:RS over region Frankfurt  

2023 June: RS over Piemont / Italy 2022 July: RS over Switzerland 2022 June: RS over Czech R./ Poland

Red Sprites over France, _04_06_22 by Th. Boeckel ELVES Red Sprites Germany 11th July 21, by Th Boeckel
2022 June: Red Sprites over W-Germany 2022 June: Red Sprites over France 2021 July: ELVES, Red Sprite over the Alps

Red Sprites 2107 by Th Boeckel
2019 June: Red Sprites over W-Germany 2018: Red Sprites Milano/Italia 2017 Aug: RS over Salzburg Austria

2017 June: Parma/Bologna Italy 2017 May: RS over Austria & Italy 2016 July: RS over the Bavarian Alps

2015 to 2016: First Red Sprites 

2014 Sept: Polar lights Island

2009 Juli: Noctilucent Clouds

2006 Dec: Polar light  and Geminides  2006 March: Halo effects 2005 March: Island


2004 Oct: The 'blue flash,'Hawaii    2003 Oct: South Bavaria      2002 Dec: Island

  2004 July: Zodiacal lights  

Sun- and moon eclipses, Transits and occultations of Planets

  2022 Dec:Occultation of Mars  

2019 Nov: Mercury Transit  2018 July: Total moon eclipse 2017 Aug: Total eclipse of the sun

2016 May: Transit of Mercury 2015 Nov: Total Moon eclipse

2015 March: Total Solar Faroe Islands

Venustansit 2012 by Boeckel solar eclipse australia 2012
2012 June: Transit of Venus 2011 June: Total moon eclipse 2012 Nov: Total Solar Eclipse Australien

2011 Jan: Partial Solar Eclipse

2008 Jan: Total solar eclipse, China

2008 May: Cover of  Mars by the moon

2007 June: Cover of Venus by the moon 2007 March: Eclipse of moon, Stromboli   2006 March: Total Eclipse, Turkeye

 2005 Oct: Annular solar eclipse  2004 June: Transit of Venus       2004 May: eclipse of moon

2003 July: Transit of Mercury  2003 May: Annular and partial  2001 Nov: Cover of Saturn by the moon

      2004 May: Cover of Venus by the moon 2001 June: Sambia   2001 Jan: Eclipse of moon, Fuersty

 2000 Jan: Eclipse of moon, Bolzano  1999 Aug: Total in Europe

Observation of Planets

Jupiter moon transit 2022 2020 Dec: Great conjunction 2020 Sept: Marsopposition

Double moon transit Jupiter 2010
2011 March: Storm on Saturn 2010 Aug: Jupiter moon transit 2009 Aug: Uranus

2009 Aug: Jupiter Impact 2008 Dec: Saturn, edge on position 2008 Jan: Asteroid TU24

2007 May: Venus, Saturn & Moon 2007 Aug: Bad weather on Jupiter  2006 July: Pluto

2005 Oct: Red planet  2004 March: Mercury& Co  2004 Jan: Jupiter & Ganymed

kontrast_c.jpg (10716 Byte)
 2004 April: Jupiter GRS (Great Red Spot) 2003 Sept: Saturn  2003 July: The mars opposition

 2001 April: Venus 2001 Dec: Jupiter    

Deep Sky

Messier & NGC- Objects, Supernovae

  15.06.2023, Supernova 2023ixf in M101, by Th. Boeckel  
  2023 May: Supernova 2023ixf in M101  

2022 March: Deep sky & Comet Atlas L3 2021 April: Deep Sky  2019 Nov: Space&Comet Asassn

2020 Mai: Supernova SN in M61 2018 Nov: Andromedas Parachute

 2017 April, Jet M87

Supernova SN 2011fe in M101 Pinnweel Galaxy,
2015 Sept: Deep sky 2014 Feb: Supernova SN 2014J in M82

2011 Aug: Supernova in M101

2011 March: Markarian's Chain Virgo  2007 April: Galaxies 2005 Aug: M27, Dwarf Nova

    2012 Southern  Sky  



M 1, Crab Nebula

M 3  M 4, Cat's eye   M 8  

M 13, Hercules   


M 16, Eagle  M17, Omega 

M 20, Trifid Nebula 

M 27, Dumbbell Nebula


M 31, Andromeda   M 33,35  

M 42, Orion Nebula

M 45, Plejades    M46


M 51, Whirlpool Galaxy

M 57, Ring Nebula

M 65,   M 66, Leo Triplet 


M 63, Sunflower

M 64, Blackeye

M 81, Bodes Galaxy


M 82, Cigar Galaxie
M 94, Cats Eye
M 97, Eulen Nebel


M 101, Pinwheel Galaxy                    

M 102, Spindle Galaxy

M 104, Sombrero Galaxy


NGC 2024, Flame Nebula

NGC 2024, Horsehead Neb.

NGC 2237, Rosette Nebula


NGC 2392, Eskimo Nebula    

NGC 2438, Planetary Nebula

NGC 4565, Edge on Galaxy


NGC 4881, Coma Cluster

NGC 6826, Blinking Planetary

NGC 6530, Lagoon Nebula


NGC 6818, Little Gem.

NGC 6888, Crescent Nebula

NGC 6992, Veil Nebula  


NGC 7000North America

NGC 7009Saturn Nebula

NGC 7667, Blue Snowball


NGC 7293, Helix Nebel
LMC, Large Magell. Cl
NGC 292 Small Magell.Cl


IC 2944, Open Cluster

Milky way, Antares Region

Space 04, Leo & other reg.





ISS vor der Sonne, Sonnenfinsterniss by Th Boeckel
2023 June: Solstice Austria 2022 Jan: ISS before the moon 2021 June: ISS and partial sun,eclipse
2021 April: ISS before the sun 2014 July: ISS before the sun

2009 April: The ISS before the moon

2008 June: Solstice in the Austrian Alps 2004 March: The sun 2000 Dec: The ISS in the Newton reflector

2001 Jan: Sunspot AR 9393

The Chiemgau Impact


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  Space Cinema 


Observatories: Fuerstenfeldbruck and Gilching      VHS  Fürstenfeldbruck and Gilching

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